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Name of Student Father Name Enrollment No Degree Program CGPA Action

Application Status:
Applied: Student has successfully submitted his/her application for new registration.
Verified: Student record have been confirmed by the concern university focal person.

Asset Issued: Student have already been issued a laptop in previous scheme(s) / Phase(s). In case of any discrepancy, kindly contact your university's focal person.
Selected: The student is eligible and selected in the merit list
Not Selected: The student is eligible but not selected in the merit list due to limitation of the laptops.
Not Eligible: The student record is approved but does not meet the eligibility criteria.
Eligible but low CGPA: Date of Admission and duration criteria is fulfilled but the student does not meet the minimum CGPA requirement.


Please use your own email address, CNIC and mobile number for registration process, as the provided data will be used for further processing.
In case of incorrect data or same email address used on behalf of other students may lead to cancellation of registration.

The appearance of the name in the list populated here does not automatically guarantee an award of a laptop. It is subject to the verification of student's record, meeting the defined criteria and the Merit list (if applicable, as in the case of 16/ 17-year education).
In case of any query please contact jamiluddin@hec.gov.pk